Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My homemade key chains!

Key chains: Made by Mama J!
I have been making these key chains for years. I started making them when I saw one online. I did some research and here we are!  I use my key chain every single day. Have you ever had your had your hands full and struggle to find your keys? Well, with key chains Made by Mama J that problem will be solved! Each key chain is $8 each for 1 ; 2 for $14 ; 3 for $18
Shipping is $2 for up to 5 key chains.

Most people who sell key chains like mine, make one size. I make mine in 3 sizes. Small (10 1/2 in), Medium(12 1/2 in), Large(14 1/2 in).
I use a medium for myself. It is important to measure your fist & that determines the size that will work best for you. The key chains are make to slip over your hand/fist to make carrying your keys so much easier.
This is a sample of what I have in stock at this point. I have a new shipment of supplies coming in soon, so check back soon for a new key chains. I made custom orders as well. Just email me for more information.



These key chains make the perfect Christmas gifts! Make a great stocking stuffer!